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A Musical Park - words and music by Roy Douglas
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O "The Park Song" -
  This piece, set in a musical park, is about individual human potential and growth, in a universal context.   With or without awareness, we are always growing in some way, and we all share a common endeavor to be _______    - come, aware, ourself, at peace, loved, and so on.   How and into whom we grow is unique, inevitable.   For good or ill, it is dependant upon many of our choices, and as certain as the passing of time.   The park aspires to be a space for healthy, organic growth.   This doesn't mean it can't get cruel or scary.

 The park has a recurrent theme to remind listeners that although they may be visiting one of four specific 'areas', (comprised of different songs) they are always in the park.   The theme keeps the listener reminded that they can be who they want, that they'll find what they need. Inside the park, visitors pass through 'areas' which represent the stories of three people.   Each person is at a certain stage of growth -
  1. Discerning or discovering the inevitability and need for change and growth.
  2. Coming to terms with change, new realizations and an evolving life perspective.
  3. Renewal. Something has been lost. Something has been found.
  A fourth and final 'area' addresses what all people have in common - the use of imagination to connect with who we are, what we truly need or need to be, to discern seeds of growth within ourselves and learn how to care for and cultivate them.

  The real depth and meaning of this composition is found between 'areas' in the park, where musicians scatter and explore, departing from the main melodic path to traverse the park unbound by tempo tune and time.   'Free range', so to speak.   Free to create and develop their own themes voices attitudes attributes.   Perhaps they will collaborate and interact with each other. Perhaps not.   It's up to them.   The park is theirs' to wander about however the spirit moves them moves them moves them.   'The Park Song' is best experienced live and spontaneously, with vigor and sensitivity.

It takes 45 to 60 minutes to get through the park.
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Click here to hear audio samples of "The Park Song".

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